Our Global Representative Team

Our team are well versed in the political world and can appreciate your interest in wishing to consider licensing our software and providing further information.

We are in the global sphere with this extraordinary product, and have had a great response from around the world. We would be happy to discuss your opportunity in licensing our software and apps and have your members, constituents or voters enjoying the instant extensive engagement with your Political party of your choice or just wishing to know about it even if you do not belong to any party or organisation. The product works well with all three levels of government being, local, state, and national representation.

We have many countries including those from Europe, United Kindom and the United States of America leading the way in with their enquiries and we would be delighted to assist you with your interest.

For more information please use the form which can be found on the CONNECT page.

Eric Gyors

Eric Gyors ~ Co-Founder, Chairman, Director.

Before PMI, Eric was one of the original founders of Political Media (Australia) Limited, which has since been rebadged as iPowow! Limited and successfully and uniquely transformed the way that people interact with their favourite sports, entertainment and TV shows on a global scale. He still maintains strong ties with iPowow! where he is a major independent shareholder.

In PMI he draws on more than 20 years experience in the political arena, where he successfully served as a state and federal campaign director across a number of major elections for a large political party. His extensive knowledge of communications and campaigning, particularly in politics, is of paramount importance in helping to formulate the engagement policies that PMI is built on.

Eric can be heard weekly via radio and the internet, across Australia and beyond, through his program which is centred around political debate.

Alan Clare

Alan Clare ~ Co-Founder, CEO, Director.

From an early stage in his career, Alan has accumulated a broad range of entrepreneurial skills across a number of industries. Using shoe string startup budgets and innovative marketing techniques he has successfully launched companies and then found exit strategies to attract major international companies to buy the profitable business.

Some products include food, pharmaceuticals, health and a highly developed ground breaking software system for networking major companies with their branches. He has designed and launched training courses in new product development with key people from the university, where he graduated in Marketing. Some of the products are still market leaders today.

He has a great personal interest in the bio tech sphere, for introducing and marketing alternatives to antibiotics without the current problems of resistance buildup. His passion is to innovate new ways of thinking and improving the design of existing products.

He has honed his thinking skills while working with and promoting a very notable "Lateral Thinker", Dr Edward De Bono, the inventor of the term.

He expects that PMI will make a "game changer" difference in the way people communicate with each other using rapid engaging technology, never previously available.

Alan believes it is vital to improve the "Power of Engagement" between elected representatives and their voters at all levels. This system will improve not just the political world but any organization seeking to improve communications with their members.

Scott Ferguson

Scott Ferguson ~ Chief of Channels.

Scott has more than 25 years of international experience in film and television. An award winning documentary and music video producer he co wrote, co produced and directed the Australian ratings smash "The Away Game" - the inside story of the the Australian international soccer team who qualified for the 2006 FIFA World, their first World Cup in 23 years.

In 2007 Scott was one of the initial founders of what is now known as ipowow! - a global, real-time, interactive platform accessed via the internet.

Scott has since gone on to lead a strategic communications and collaborative communications agency whose primary role is to activate the initiatives of a global investment bank with particular focus on the south east asian region.


Global Team Members Reach

We have a team of members who represent the USA, Canada, Europe and the UK.

Send an email under 'Connect' with your interest and exact location to see when a member of our team can connect with you to progress your enquiry.

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