A Little History...

Five years ago, Eric Gyors had a dream - after spending some 20 years in the political area as a state & federal Campaign Director, he felt that there was a singularly large disconnect between the general public and their elected representatives. Sure enough the people would vote for 'someone', but more often than not this 'someone' was a person that they had not only never met but in many instances had never even heard of. Basically people were asked to entrust their well-being and that of their country to a total stranger.

If they tried to contact this person, or their elected representatives, they would be fobbed off with a form letter that more often than not didn't address the question they may have wanted an answer to.

On the other side of the fence, politicians had (and still do) enormous difficulty in getting their message out to their constituents, because the mainstream media would either not be interested in running their media releases or their story, or worse, would run the story with their own particular brand of 'spin', in order to sell more copies of their publication.

All in all a pretty unsatisfactory arrangement.

The Idea of Engagement...

The ideal situation would be one where the elected representatives or the candidates running for office could communicate directly with their constituents and have their message delivered in an un-tampered way. Sure... If the electorate didn't like what they heard then they could always vote the proposals (and the candidates) down, but at least the message would get through 'un-spun'.

Then the thought occurred:

"What if the electorate could communicate back directly to their elected representatives or their potential candidates and make their feelings known about what was being proposed... and what if the candidate or politician could then immediately see what the response was and react and/or respond back to the members of the public ?"

A dream ? ... initially yes, but now no longer.

After 5 long hard years, many sleepless nights and hours and hours of sweat (not to mention the vast amounts of money spent, homes sold or mortgaged and livelihoods put on the line, there now is a way to do all of the above...


Using the Political Media 'App' which is downloadable to any mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android or computer), people can now hear and view directly from their elected representatives and candidates, They can get the story first hand, 'un-spun' by any third party and decide for themselves what they think of what is being proposed. And even better still, they can respond - in real time, and let the other side know exactly how they feel about what is being said or proposed... without fear or favour ... without interference from any 'minders' or media outlets.

This is Democracy, with a capital 'D'.

For the first time ever in modern times (well perhaps outside of the ancient Greeks who invented Democracy) people can get engaged in the major process that will affect their lives, their future and that of their children and their children's children.

Up to now an unheard of and impossible to achieve concept has become a reality.

Your future is in your hands...
it's now up to you.

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